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Sharleen Stewart

Canada's healthcare union leader (SEIU Healthcare)

Sharleen has been called “Canada’s Norma Rae,” firmly believing all workers deserve fair wages, respect, dignity, and a good pension.

She was the eldest of six siblings and grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her upbringing taught her lessons in fairness, equality, respect, democracy, and social justice.

Sharleen is a former hospital worker and has many family members working in nursing and retirement homes, so she understands the demands placed on workers.

She also witnessed firsthand the value that dedicated workers provide when she saw the skill and love her terminally ill father received from homecare workers.

Sharleen was the first woman elected President of the Saskatchewan SEIU local 333, Local 1 Ontario, and SEIU Local 1 Canada. She was also the first SEIU woman to sit on the Canadian Labour Congress Executive Board and the International Executive Board, representing Canada.
Stephen Harper Wants Canadians to Figure Out Retirement

Stephen Harper Wants Canadians to Figure Out Retirement Themselves

The federal government will not help Ontario in any way in implementing the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP). "Take a hike," was the federal government's basic message. We will not help you improve pensions unless you do it our way. And our way is simple: Canadians should do it themselves. Just figure it out. There is no retirement crisis, says the Harper government. Never mind that our mutual fund industry has among the highest fees in the world, while our best public pension funds have among the lowest costs despite excellent performance. Never mind that the capital markets are increasingly tilted against the interests of ordinary people. Never mind that employers have been abandoning defined-benefit plans for decades. Never mind that some of the most credible researchers in the country have called for a significant enhancement to the Canada Pension Plan.
09/28/2015 12:33 EDT