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Sharon Powers

Writer. Educator. Passionate about supporting the emotional well-being of kids and teens.

Sharon Powers is a writer and educator. She is the founder of the website In Between Years (, delivering insight and resources to parents and educators that support children and teens. Drawing on previous experience as a school counselor, Sharon is a strong advocate of adolescent mental wellness and building resiliency, along with positive coping skills in kids. Sharon's work has been featured on popular parenting and lifestyle websites. She holds an MS in Education from Old Dominion University and a BS in Journalism from James Madison University. Sharon is married to a Naval Officer and they'll soon be relocating to California from the East Coast.
11 Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Kids' Mental Juanmonino via Getty Images

11 Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Kids' Mental Health

If you remove all of life's unpleasantries, what are you really teaching your child about the world? Doing so will only result in giving your child a false sense of reality. Resilience, being able to get back up after you fall down, is what adults must instill in children. Allow your child to face uncomfortable circumstances even if it makes you uncomfortable. This will teach them about overcoming adversity.
09/14/2016 03:53 EDT