Sharon Rider

I know all too well why it’s important to get tested for hepatitis C and I think it's important for other Canadians to get tested too.

At the young age of 16, Sharon underwent a surgery where it is believed she received tainted blood containing the hepatitis C virus. It wasn’t until she was married with two children when she required a surgery for back pain, that it was discovered she had the hepatitis C virus. Despite a failed treatment and awful side effects, Sharon underwent a new treatment in 2014 and she is now cured.
One Blood Test Saved My

One Blood Test Saved My Life

I was married with two children and needed to have two surgeries due to back pain I had been experiencing for seven years. Pre-surgery blood tests revealed that I had the hepatitis C virus and had been living with it unknowingly for 23 years.
07/29/2015 06:30 EDT