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Shauna Magrath CPCP

Owner and Operator of Beauty Ink® Gallery in Vancouver B.C.

Shauna Magrath, CPCP, is one of Canada’s top Cosmetic Tattoo Specialists with her own studio, Beauty Ink® Gallery, located in Vancouver, B.C. With a background as an award-winning FX Makeup Artist in the film industry for 25 years, she is proudly one of only two training professionals holding Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) designation in Canada and she possesses the highest level of certification in Permanent Cosmetics, with over 45 certificates under her belt. She has been nominated twice for Entrepreneur Of the Yea and won the "Top Choice Award in 2016" for Best Permanent Cosmetic Studio in Vancouver, an award voted by the public.
Safety And Education Is Lacking In Canada's Microblading

Safety And Education Is Lacking In Canada's Microblading Industry

The more permanent the beauty treatment, the higher the risks are for the client. While it is important to look for certification, the word "certified" is being too commonly used by those who are not qualified. Attending a class and receiving a certificate does not mean that person is certified in this extensive field.
06/12/2017 01:02 EDT