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Shawn Ahmed

Creator, The Uncultured Project

Shawn Ahmed is a gay, Muslim, third culture kid.

Born in Canada to parents who fled Bangladesh after The War of Liberation, Shawn focuses on bridging digital, cultural, and economic divides in his ethnic homeland. Over the years, he has fundraised in the middle of disaster relief operations, rebuilt a school, helped a village get clean water, helped over 10,000 kids, spoken about domestic abuse, stood up for LGBT rights, reported violence by Muslim extremists, and built a Catholic school with some help from a Hasidic Rabbi.

Shawn has been honored by The World Economic Forum, Save the Children, as well as The Webby Awards. Mashable says Shawn is "making a difference", “shaping the future of social good”, and “reinventing activism” while CNN goes so far as to say he's bringing “the sexy back to charity work”.

You can find Shawn on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, & Facebook.
5 Ways Bill C-24 Makes Canadians Less IPGGutenbergUKLtd via Getty Images

5 Ways Bill C-24 Makes Canadians Less Safe

Nothing in recent history had redefined what it means to be Canadian more than Bill C-24. This bill, made into law, allows the government to take away the citizenship of undesirables. Although currently limited to acts of terrorism, the government has expressed an interest in using this law against other acts.
10/16/2015 05:18 EDT