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Shawn Miller

Founder and Owners, Young Hip & Married

My name is Shawn Miller and my wife Erica and I are the Founders and the Owners here at Young Hip & Married — I also happen to be one of our officiants. But first and foremost, I am husband to my beautiful wife whom I married in 2004, and the father to our four incredible kids: Zion (2008), Vannden (2010), Onyx (2012) and our ‘baby’ girl Emmanuella (2014).

I love to cook (thank goodness for that because cooking for 6 everyday is no small feat). YH&M is my passion but when I’m not working I love being outside: hiking, running, jumping off cliffs, racing dune buggies across Mexico — you know the normal stuff. I also love doing anything outdoors with my kiddos — biking, skiing, camping, we love it all.

Erica and the kids are my inspiration for all the work I do here at YH&M and I really love love love helping people get married and stay married!