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Shawna Scafe

LadyNerd. Mom of 3. Trying to live with less stuff, less clothes, and more intention. Lots of God's grace, Instagram, waffles and dry shampoo.

Shawna is a stay at home mom of three living in small town British Columbia. Her friends know her as their nerdy girlfriend who eats too many waffles and always has a reno on the go. You may know her as the mom seeking simpler living, simpler style and simpler wellness. You can find her at Simple on Purpose writing openly and honestly about her momfails, God's grace, dry shampoo, marriage and how her family is seeking a life with less stuff and less stress.
The Push And Pull Of Elizabethsalleebauer via Getty Images

The Push And Pull Of Motherhood

I remember watching a friend parent her five-year-old boy. I didn't have kids yet, but I saw how he would push the limits and anger her. I was so impressed that she kept her calm and always welcomed him into her arms for a hug and moved on with a good attitude. I knew I wanted to be a parent like that. Forgiving and moving on, like I meant it.
04/11/2017 12:54 EDT
Why You Should Date Your Shutterstock

Why You Should Date Your Friends

It is like a marriage. You will fall in and out of love from time to time but you stay devoted to them. You will have periods where you don't talk much, or talk enough. You will lose yourself, you will lose touch. But true friends don't drift away during those lulls. In true friendships you let resentments melt, and find ways to show kindness, you help each other find your path again. Most importantly, you make a time and space to hang out with them for the purpose of simply hanging out with them.
11/07/2016 11:59 EST
9 Ways To Make Your Gifts More ShutterStock

9 Ways To Make Your Gifts More Thoughtful

Whether it's a simple letter from my husband saying all the things he knows I'd love to hear or a brand new food processor -- thoughtful gifts are ones that say, "You are someone special to me, I have gotten to know you, I want to make your life better with the ability to make beet hummus."
12/18/2015 12:07 EST
5 Tips For Having A Simpler Carol Yepes via Getty Images

5 Tips For Having A Simpler Christmas

The Christmas you plan is up to you. You decide what foods to make, gifts to buy, which events to add to your calendar. You set the schedule of the holiday. This year don't try and do it all, say no to the OK stuff and yes to the great stuff. Let this be the year you reclaim the holiday, and make it simple, on purpose.
12/03/2015 12:29 EST
A Thanksgiving TongRo Images via Getty Images

A Thanksgiving Journal

It is a simple notebook I picked up from the local dollarstore-slash-bakery that our small town relies on for local crafting supplies. And donuts....baked fresh each Wednesday. The first year I brought the empty book to the Thanksgiving table it was met with a little hesitation.
10/10/2015 01:41 EDT
Redefining Success for Shutterstock / Subbotina Anna

Redefining Success for Yourself

We were conditioned to think success means getting good grades, graduating from a good school, always making safe decisions, maintaining a stable job, owning a nice new(ish) house, happily raising happy kids, having an effortless marriage to a passionate caring spouse.
08/13/2015 12:15 EDT
Why My Marriage Lasting Isn't Just About Danya Stapleton

Why My Marriage Lasting Isn't Just About Luck

We've had our share of faults and bad habits that we brought into this relationship. We've both done and said things we wish we could take back. And even though we've now found a groove as parents, there were months, years, where all of our existing problems bubbled to the surface under the pressures of having kids.
07/03/2015 12:22 EDT
My Past Disappointments as a Mother Don't Matter to Me

My Past Disappointments as a Mother Don't Matter to Me Now

My kids are now four, three and almost a year. I have three very different kids with three very different entrances into this world. I can say one thing: as the space between birthing babies and parenting kids widens, all of my past disappointments no longer matter. Eventually yours won't either.
06/09/2015 01:04 EDT
Instagram Helps Mothers shutterstock

Instagram Helps Mothers Bond

Aside from some wonderful mom friends in my real life, I've also found a mom community through Instagram. Turns out it's not just for hipsters at farmers' markets and it is scientifically proven to make your food taste better if you Instagram it! Yay Science!
05/28/2015 01:04 EDT
Letting Go of the Chase for Balance in Shawna Scafe

Letting Go of the Chase for Balance in Motherhood

There are always more chores, events, crying kids in a day than there are hours, hands and consolation waffles. Over time I'd come to see this doesn't mean I'm failing. It means that we aren't meant to do it all, rather we are meant to make choices about how we spend our time and energies.
05/15/2015 05:40 EDT
What Happened When I Got Rid Of Half My Kids' toys

What Happened When I Got Rid Of Half My Kids' Toys

So come this past January, our family of five started a mission to live with less (minimalism for rookies). I know it's not for everyone, but it is for us. Our first long drawn-out step is to "remove the excess" of belongings. Since January we have done two toy purges and reduced the kids toys by over half.
05/13/2015 12:57 EDT