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Shawn-Patrick Stensil

Senior Energy Analyst with Greenpeace Canada

Shawn-Patrick Stensil is a senior energy analyst with Greenpeace Canada. He was previously the Director of Atmosphere and Energy for the Sierra Club of Canada. <br> <br> He is a frequent media commentator on nuclear and green energy issues and <br> testifies regularly on nuclear policy and regulatory issues to Parliamentary <br> committees and government agencies, such as the Canadian Nuclear Safety <br> Commission. <br> <br> Shawn-Patrick also works as a Radiation Protection Advisor for Greenpeace <br> International and has participated in radiation monitoring work at Chernobyl, <br> Fukushima. <br> <br> In 2009, he was named Best Environmental Activist by Toronto's Now Magazine.
The Shadow Of Chernobyl Looms Large 30 Years

The Shadow Of Chernobyl Looms Large 30 Years Later

Thirty years on from the world's worst nuclear accident, millions of people are still living with radioactive fallout from Chernobyl. In contaminated areas, radiation touches every aspect of people's lives: it's in the food they eat, the milk they drink, and in the schools, parks and playgrounds their children play in. The human toll of reactor accidents is why nuclear power may never gain widespread acceptance, no matter how much the industry tries to reassure us that risks are low.
04/25/2016 12:02 EDT
Bill C-22: Nuclear Companies Win the

Bill C-22: Nuclear Companies Win the Jackpot

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has proposed a new law to shield nuclear companies from responsibility in the event of an accident. If passed Bill C-22 would cap the liability of reactor operators to $1 billion after a reactor accident. This is a pittance.
03/25/2014 09:26 EDT