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Sheena Lyonnais


Sheena Lyonnais is a Toronto-based writer. Her words have appeared in the Huffington Post, the Grid, Toronto Standard, Exclaim, CHART and various others. She writes mostly about music, culture, feminism, sexuality, tech and media. She is also the editor of
Does Glamorizing the Tortured Artist Kill Creative jupiterimages

Does Glamorizing the Tortured Artist Kill Creative Souls?

The troubled creator as a character has become glamourized, its talents celebrated but its pain ignored. It's as if all you need is talent, anorexia and an Adderall addiction and an audience will be waiting for you when you cross the line. Waiting for the train wreck, the OD, the suicide. All of which readers comment and place bets on each week as if she's a horse in a sick race.
09/05/2012 08:13 EDT