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Sheesha YaDil

The BlackCAP Transgender Community Advisory Committee includes a diverse group of people from the transgender community.

A dedicated community worker and student, Sheesha YaDil has worked with newcomer, trans and queer youth for nearly 8 years. She has recently worked at The 519 as an educator on how to create LGBTQ- and trans-inclusive spaces, and as a research assistant at Ryerson University. She worked in high schools in marginalized neighbourhoods in Toronto and also co-coordinated Social Justice Youth Camps in Nova Scotia for youth across the Maritimes.
Dear Toronto, This Is What It's Like To Be

Dear Toronto, This Is What It's Like To Be Transgender

Trans people struggle with employment, basic medical care, accessing things like housing and even public washrooms. Look around. Most of the services offered are categorized by gender, so trans people face constant barriers using them.
06/20/2017 11:44 EDT