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Sheetal Lodhia

Freelance Writer

Sheetal Lodhia is a freelance writer, researcher and radio journalist. A recent doctoral graduate in English literature, she has researched and taught in various areas of interest including the Renaissance, history of medicine, colonialism and cultural studies. She is very much interested in making research accessible to a wider public. When she is not working on her split step, she can be seen writing creatively, and devouring blogs, tv, and magazines. Her work has appeared in BlogTO and Broken Pencil and her radio work aired on the CBC, CFRC and CKLN.
Zombies Aren't the Scariest Part of AMC

Zombies Aren't the Scariest Part of "The Walking Dead"

If the world was like The Walking Dead then it would be a world where nearly everyone alive speaks English, nearly everyone is white, and male. The biggest failure of the show is to have the audience rooting for a society that preaches tired principles of violence, lack of community, selfishness, capitalism, patriarchy, and shoot-first mentality.
03/18/2013 05:22 EDT