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Shekhar Parmar

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Lawyer.

Shekhar is a small business owner, serial entrepreneur and lawyer in Calgary, Alberta. Find out more about Shekhar here.

Improve Your Workplace for Employees With Mental Health Issues

As a business owner, my employees' health and well-being is important to me. I know that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Here are a few suggestions on what we all can do to make our workplaces better for those who are living with mental health issues and in turn increase productivity.
05/19/2015 05:34 EDT
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Bill C-51 Takes a Sledgehammer to the Canadian Charter

On Wednesday our parliament passed bill C-51; a bill which takes a sledgehammer to the principles in the Charter. How could a controversial bill with 52 per cent of Canadians opposing it and only 33 per cent supporting it pass? Ignoring the voices of your constituents is dangerous, especially in an election year.
05/07/2015 06:12 EDT
Nathan Denette/CP

OMG the NDP Won! Now What??

In case you are wondering, I did not vote for the NDP this election. But what I saw on social media afterwards scared me and I wanted to address the arguments and tell you why we should remain optimistic about the future of our province.
05/06/2015 01:51 EDT