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Shelagh Stoneham

Branding & marketing expert, keynote speaker & board member. Has held executive positions at Canada’s largest retail & telecom companies.

Shelagh Stoneham is a branding and consumer marketing expert, keynote speaker and board member. She has held senior executive positions at Canada’s largest retail and telecommunications companies.

As a keynote speaker, Shelagh has addressed audiences across North America including, most recently, the Institute of Corporate Directors, CMO 100 and
Women of Influence.

Shelagh serves on several Canadian and North American boards including Canadian Chair of the Alliance for Audited Media North America & Vice Chair of the North American Board. She is a Director of the Women’s College Hospital Foundation
and Vividata.

Shelagh is an advanced scuba diver, passionate skier and tennis player.
She is also a menace in the kitchen and on the road.
30 Years A Hostage To My

30 Years A Hostage To My Migraines

My migraines never reduced in frequency or intensity. I took over-the-counter and prescription drugs. It was not usual for me to take 8 muscle relaxants a day plus small amounts of prescription painkillers. My lifestyle was otherwise healthy. I did pilates 5 days a week, ate well and slept 8 hours a night. But 6 out of 7 days was a struggle. A struggle to be positive focused and upbeat at work many days when I just felt like banging my head down on my desk.
06/06/2016 06:17 EDT