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Sheldon Dyck

Thought Leader, Business Strategy and Investing

Sheldon Dyck is a corporate entrepreneur and Chief Investment Officer. Most recently he was the founder and CEO of a $12 Billion investment firm he created and led for more than decade. He was also the Chief Investment Officer for a family of investment funds he designed and managed that won Lipper awards from 2012 - 2014 for the best funds group in Canada. His career adventures have ranged from turning around an ailing business bank to starting a successful clothing store. Sheldon is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Harvard Business School alumnus, Red Deer College alumnus, and member of Mensa,

His track record of creating companies with sustainable competitive advantages is a function of three unique abilities:

He is insatiably curious and he channels that energy toward trying to discover new ways of solving problems for people.

He posses a rare ability to look at the same things many others have looked at and observe undiscovered patterns and possibilities.

He is very skilled at translating complex ideas into simple and powerful stories that attract very talented people to his teams and help him bring big ideas to life.

Sheldon is very involved in the communities that he has lived in. He has served terms on the Board of Governors for the Certified General Accountants (CGA), the Calgary Zoo, the Edge School Foundation, and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).

He spends much of his time educating the public on how to succeed financially, championing new ways of working and designing organizations for the 21st Century, and challenging business leaders to develop cultures of mastery. He speaks at events around the world, is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, and has been the featured guest on BNN to discuss many investment industry-leading initiatives.

When he isn't traveling Sheldon spends time in Calgary, Canada and the San Francisco area. He enjoys playing sports like golf, doing triathlons, and exploring the world with his children. You can follow Sheldon’s adventures on his twitter account @sheldondyck
Stock Market Highs: What to Watch Out

Stock Market Highs: What to Watch Out For

Beyond the goofy hype and hyperbole, the silly alliteration and the abundant capital letters, headlines like "Market's Sizzling Spike Sets Seventh Record High in 2014" are actually something we need to take seriously.
06/18/2014 01:25 EDT
What Most People Don't Understand About Work and

What Most People Don't Understand About Work and Happiness

Why is the difference in people's happiness massive when they make $80,000 instead of $50,000, but negligible when they make $200,000 instead of $100,000? Why are some of the unhappiest people in our society the children of enormously wealthy parents?
03/31/2014 05:39 EDT
How Market-Linked GICs are Offering False

How Market-Linked GICs are Offering False Promises

The ProForm Ab Glider is amazing and remarkable and stupendous, and not just because it looks like a wheel-less tricycle crossed with a banana. It's because it promises six-pack abs in just "three minutes a day!"
01/13/2014 03:51 EST
How Mastery can Make you a Rock Star at

How Mastery can Make you a Rock Star at Work

American Idol. Maybe it's your favorite TV show ever. Maybe you think shows like it and The Voice -- with their Top 40 pandering and on-stage tears and warped "reality" -- are a cultural nightmare brought to prime-time life. Whether you're a fan of these pop-star factories or listen exclusively to Norwegian death metal doesn't really matter.
08/08/2013 05:55 EDT
No More Horrible Bosses - Reinventing the Office

No More Horrible Bosses - Reinventing the Office Environment

Thankfully most of us will never experience being threatened with death or blackmailed by our bosses. However, many of us could relate to Kevin Spacey's one beady eye on the clock and another on a closed-circuit video revealing precisely when his employees arrived at work through the company parking garage. Spacey's David Harken was driven not only by his addictions -- to power, humiliation, $1,400 suits and early-morning highballs -- but also by a century-old workplace myth: you have to physically watch the people you lead to determine whether they're being productive.
04/23/2013 04:25 EDT
RRSP Season: Are you a Today Guy or a Tomorrow

RRSP Season: Are you a Today Guy or a Tomorrow Guy?

Seinfeld fans revere the TV sitcom's fifth season. The Puffy Shirt, the Lip Reader, the Marine Biologist; they're classics. The season also gave us one of Jerry's great show-opening monologues, about his constant internal battle between Night Guy and Morning Guy.
02/25/2013 07:34 EST