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Shelley and Bob Freeman

Boomer Parents of Millenials

Shelley and Bob are boomers, parents of millenials, and mystified social media savants. Shelley is the former president of her local Retired Women Teachers of Ontario branch, and Bob is a small business owner who is currently in a long-term ‘love-hate’ relationship with technology – he hates it but loves to play with it.
WestJet Should Have Used Viral Marketing for YouTube

WestJet Should Have Used Viral Marketing for Good

WestJet is by all accounts a wonderful airline, run in a light and care-free manner by like-minded employees. And the "Christmas Miracle" viral smash hit is just that. Imploring us to watch a marketing video so that a needy family can fly somewhere is great marketing but is it any kind of building block for a great society?
12/16/2013 12:27 EST