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Shelley Carroll

Toronto City Councillor

Shelley Carroll is the City Councillor for Ward 33, Don Valley East. Shelley is committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable City – one that is economically sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative.

During her time in office, Shelley has served as Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, Chair of Toronto’s Budget Committee, managing the City’s $9.2-billion budget as well as Vice-Chair of the Economic Development Committee.

Now in her fourth term of office, Shelley is Deputy Speaker, and a member of the Budget Committee, Economic Development Committee, the Toronto Police Services Board, and the Toronto Transit Commission.
Remember That Diversity Is Our

Remember That Diversity Is Our Strength

Differences are what enrich our lives and make Toronto the fabulous, unique, successful city it is. Xenophobia (a fear or hatred of strangers and foreigners) has no place in a city built upon these differences. It threatens the very core of who we as Torontonians are. It is also what motivated the horrific and unacceptable attack in which a woman was beaten and robbed by two young men. They tore off her hijab and told her to "Go back to your country."
11/23/2015 11:49 EST