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Sheryl Fink

Director, Canadian Wildlife Campaigns, International Fund for Animal Welfare

Sheryl Fink is the Director of IFAW's Seals Program. She has been working with IFAW’s seal campaign since 1998 and has witnessed and documented Canada's commercial seal hunt first-hand for 10 years, each year wishing that this seal hunt will be the last.

IFAW boilerplate: IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) was established in 1969 and its founding campaign was in opposition to Canada’s commercial seal hunt. IFAW has more than 40 years of experience raising awareness, documenting and opposing the cruel commercial hunts for seals in Canada and around the world. For more information on IFAW’s seal campaign, visit our website, blog, and follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook or to take action to protect seals visit IFAW’s action centre.
Canada Doesn't Need A 'National Seal Products CP

Canada Doesn't Need A 'National Seal Products Day'

The comment was made that National Seal Products Day "makes a statement, not a holiday." But statements will do little to benefit Inuit sealers who could use real and tangible assistance in accessing the markets for products from their full-use seal hunt. They also fail to provide viable alternatives for fishermen in Atlantic Canada.
11/21/2016 11:33 EST
Anthony Bourdain Should Eat Crow Over His Seal Hunt AP

Anthony Bourdain Should Eat Crow Over His Seal Hunt Comments

Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain had Twitter all a-flutter when he came out smacking his lips in support of the seal hunt. As so often happens when celebrities wade into unfamiliar issues, his tweets display a gross lack of understanding of Canada, its geography, its people, and its wildlife.
10/29/2013 05:17 EDT

"Polar Bears Could Face Extinction Within Our Lifetime"

Canada, and Canadian Inuit, are fanning the flames of controversy and actively trying to block a proposal to but polar bears on the endangered species list, claiming it would post a "serious threat" to the Inuit way of life. This statement misses a much larger issue: polar bears could face extinction within our lifetime.
03/04/2013 12:21 EST
The Senate's Seal Experiment Is National Geographic

The Senate's Seal Experiment Is Doomed

The Canadian Senate, our Senate, has just released its report on the "management" of grey seal populations on Canada's East Coast and recommends spending millions in taxpayer dollars on an "experiment" that is so incredibly flawed that, whatever the result, it will be entirely unreliable.
10/24/2012 05:05 EDT
Bad Call on the Seal Cull,

Bad Call on the Seal Cull, Senators

There was plenty of evidence presented to the Senate Committee that a cull of grey seals would be scientifically risky, unethical, and expensive. Yet, on Tuesday, the senate recommended one anyway. In addition to scientists and sealers -- most Canadians are also opposed to a seal cull. First, It is unlikely that a cull in Eastern Canada would have a substantial positive effect on cod populations. Second, that the majority of grey seal diets consists of fatty forage fish such as herring, sand lance, and other small fish, and therefore they would not expect much, if any, benefit of culling seals on cod.
10/23/2012 05:15 EDT
Rae to Maher on Seal Hunt: Blubber, Blubber, Getty/CP

Rae to Maher on Seal Hunt: Blubber, Blubber, Blunder

Bill Maher wrote to interim Liberal leader Bob Rae expecting the Liberals to do better than the Conservatives in their blind support of Canada's commercial seal hunt. Sadly, the response was typical of what's usually seen from politicians: excuses and sad attempts to deflect from the issues at hand.
07/18/2012 05:09 EDT
Harp Seals on Thin

Harp Seals on Thin Ice

The IFAW Seal Team has witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of climate change on harp seal pups in eastern Canada. New scientific evidence is proving our eye-witness accounts to be startlingly real and deeply concerning for seal conservation.
01/07/2012 08:03 EST
Seal Hunt Has Repercussions for Canadians and the AP

Seal Hunt Has Repercussions for Canadians and the Economy

Evidence of outrageous cruelty and poor enforcement confirms that the Canadian government and the sealing industry continue to ignore concerns about inhumane killing raised by the European Union. And the repercussions to all Canadians -- and the Canadian economy -- could be severe.
06/14/2011 07:46 EDT