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Sheryl Saperia

Director of Policy for Canada, Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Sheryl Saperia is the Director of Policy for Canada at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. In that capacity, she will expand FDD's national security work among Canadian policymakers, media and allied organizations. Based in Ottawa, Sheryl joins an international team of FDD professionals working out of Washington, D.C., Brussels, Berlin, and Prague. <br> <br> Sheryl served previously as the director of government relations at a public policy consulting firm in Ottawa, and the senior legal and policy advisor for a counterterrorism advocacy organization. She has been heavily involved in drafting Canadian federal legislation that would allow victims of terrorism and their families to launch civil lawsuits against local and state sponsors of terrorism. She has also testified as an expert witness before Canadian parliamentary committees and appeared on television and radio. The bill, now a piece of government legislation, has been introduced in the House of Commons. <br> <br> Sheryl recently completed a master's program in comparative politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she focused on issues relating to political violence, terrorism, and homegrown radicalization. She also holds a law degree from the University of Western Ontario, and an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.
Keep Relief Efforts from Terrorists'

Keep Relief Efforts from Terrorists' Hands

Canada has sanctioned some of these front organizations by designating them as terrorist organizations, depriving them of charitable status, or freezing their assets. But the Turkish-based IHH has managed to avoid a terrorist designation in North America -- a disconcerting fact that Canada would be wise to remedy.
01/31/2014 05:16 EST
Canada, Ban This Organization That Burns Christians and Bombs Churches

Canada, Ban This Organization That Burns Christians and Bombs Churches Now

Groups like the Tamil Tigers intimidated, assaulted and extorted Tamil-Canadians to provide financial support to the Tigers. Babbar Khalsa, a Sikh separatist group, also continued recruiting and fundraising within the Indo-Canadian community despite its sponsorship of the 1985 Air India bombings that killed 331 people.
11/20/2013 12:36 EST
The Obama-Rouhani Playbook for Aspiring

The Obama-Rouhani Playbook for Aspiring Tyrants

The charmless Ahmadinejad disrupted the mutually beneficial dynamic with his inability to strike the right balance between genocidal banter and diplomatic pillow talk. His unremitting anti-Semitism -- ringing with historical authenticity -- laid bare the pathological Jew-hatred of the Khomeinist creed, and amplified the threat of a unilateral Israeli response.
10/18/2013 12:36 EDT
When Multiculturalism Becomes a

When Multiculturalism Becomes a Threat

Multiculturalism has veered off course when those responsible for our safety -- a major threat to which is Islamist terrorism -- are reluctant to use direct language to describe that threat. Law enforcement officials must be properly and candidly briefed on the role of religious ideology in some strains of terrorism.
07/23/2012 12:05 EDT
Male Circumcision is Not Mutilation,

Male Circumcision is Not Mutilation, Period.

A regional court in Cologne, Germany has effectively banned the circumcision of young boys, subject only to medical exception. Such a position has been proposed by various individuals and groups throughout the Western world, and can be refuted along several lines. Male circumcision does not belong in genital mutilation category so long as both parents consent to the procedure and, most importantly, it is performed competently.
07/03/2012 04:26 EDT
How to Define Terrorism Without Getting

How to Define Terrorism Without Getting Political

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court of Canada began hearing an appeal from Mohammad Momin Khawaja, a former Ottawa software developer convicted of several terrorism-related offences. Whatever the court's decision, defining "terrorism" and its related terms will continue to be controversial in Canada and across the globe.
06/27/2012 05:26 EDT
Omar Khadr Doesn't Deserve a

Omar Khadr Doesn't Deserve a Dime

The UN Committee Against Torture recently recommended that Omar Khadr receive redress for any human rights violations he may have experienced during his imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay -- $10-million worth. Should Canadian taxpayers pay millions of dollars to a person who left Canada to join al-Qaeda and fight coalition forces in Afghanistan? Why does a convicted terrorist deserve millions of dollars, while terror victims languish?
06/08/2012 05:11 EDT
Canada's Vulnerability to Bombs Made of Bits and

Canada's Vulnerability to Bombs Made of Bits and Bytes

China and Russia are seen as the worst offenders when it comes to cyber attacks, but Iran is close behind. How is it that a country such as Iran has a cyber-warfare unit with a staff of 2,400 and a budget of $76 million, and Ottawa has only allocated $95 million for our country's defence against this new form of attack?
05/09/2012 06:41 EDT
Are Iranian Spies Slipping Through our Immigration

Are Iranian Spies Slipping Through our Immigration Loopholes?

It is not unreasonable for Canadians to demand more stringent security checks to ensure that people seeking to enter the country do not have nefarious intentions. The <em>Economist</em> reported recently that Iran might be constructing its nuclear facilities with ultra-high performance concrete. The article also mentioned that a graduate of Tehran University is currently studying the molecular structure of cement at the University of Ottawa.
04/06/2012 09:50 EDT
Bill C-10 Will Finally Punish Terrorists AND Their State

Bill C-10 Will Finally Punish Terrorists AND Their State Sponsors

By adopting the Lockerbie Amendments, the Senate filled a significant gap in the proposed law and should be commended. Previously, if a government planned for mass murder on a plane it would be immune if the atrocity was committed through its own officials rather than a listed terrorist entity.
03/06/2012 05:17 EST
What Canada Can Do to Thwart Iranian

What Canada Can Do to Thwart Iranian Threat

The European Union has committed to an Iranian oil embargo in hopes of compelling Iran to rethink its nuclear activities. Canada has given every indication that it shares that bleak assessment. Here are ways for the Harper government to take bold but responsible action.
01/30/2012 02:44 EST
Getting Our Multiculturalism

Getting Our Multiculturalism Right

Minister Kenney has worked hard to strike the right balance between promoting Canadian diversity on the one hand, and identifying the shared requirements and responsibilities of all Canadians on the other. Multiculturalism cannot condone breaking the laws of Canada, which no cultural or religious tradition can excuse. Honour killing is murder.
12/14/2011 02:31 EST