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Shireen Jeejeebhoy

Author and Photographer

Shireen Jeejeebhoy is a Toronto author and photographer who writes on her website at about brain injury and on blogspot at about politics. Her books include <em>Lifeliner</em>, <em>She</em>, <em>Concussion Is Brain Injury</em>, and <em>Time and Space</em>.
Changing TTC Names To Numbers is a Waste of Time and

Changing TTC Names To Numbers is a Waste of Time and Money

Could you envision Toronto City Council changing the name of Yonge Street to 1 Street? Well, this is what the TTC is doing to our subway lines. Subway lines are underground routes for trains carrying people just like streets are routes for cars or bikes or buses carrying people. Main route names are rarely if ever changed because of their history and because it would cause major confusion.
03/24/2014 05:21 EDT
Using Canada Post? Pray the Cheque Is Not In the

Using Canada Post? Pray the Cheque Is Not In the Mail

Canada Post decided not to deliver the hefty textbook I'd ordered from Indigo for my upcoming course because "there was no safe place" to leave it at my front door. Courier after courier has no trouble immediately spotting the safe place at my door to leave boxes more visible than the one-book package Canada Post was tasked with delivering.
09/11/2013 13:30 EDT
Toronto's Garbage Policies Are

Toronto's Garbage Policies Are Rubbish

Making garbage into the god of environmental responsibility has harmed the most vulnerable in our society. This is the real issue that Mayor Ford should be yelling about. By putting people first, the city would ironically be environmentally responsible, not just look like they are.
08/19/2013 05:12 EDT
I Envy Egypt -- And You Should

I Envy Egypt -- And You Should Too

Instead of denouncing the direct democratic actions of Egyptians, perhaps the pundits and Canadian leaders should be asking themselves: how can we re-enfranchise Canadians to participate as willingly and energetically in their country as Egyptians are in theirs? Canadians blog and tweet, but we do not cover Parliament Hill with protestors. Our lives are comfy in comparison to the Egyptians, so maybe that's why we do not protest. Yet there must be a sense of powerlessness, of hopelessness even among the comfy for fewer and fewer Canadians to be going to the polls.
07/08/2013 12:13 EDT
How Rob Ford Could Lead

How Rob Ford Could Lead Again

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford didn't get his $50 million, but Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne may have given him the next election instead. Politics is a game. The ones who know how to play it rise to the top and usually don't underestimate their opponent.
07/01/2013 05:15 EDT
Why No One Mentioned Rob Ford's Alleged Links to Gun

Why No One Mentioned Rob Ford's Alleged Links to Gun Running

I'm troubled that the police knew about the video showing Mayor Ford smoking crack cocaine before Gawker and The Toronto Star revealed its existence. I'm troubled that the Chief of Police won't answer direct questions. I'm troubled that the wider implication is that Ford is involved with a gun-running gang, with people who smuggle guns up from the US, through Windsor, and into Toronto in order to shoot and kill people. I'm troubled about what this means for future business in our city.
06/17/2013 12:29 EDT
Ford Scandal's Biggest Casualty:

Ford Scandal's Biggest Casualty: Toronto

The public needs to be engaged in order to resolve the humungous problems facing the city, such as crappy public transit, insane traffic congestion, aging and inadequate infrastructure, and so on. Just as an alcoholic derails a family so that no member can function adequately even at work, so has Mayor Ford derailed us.F
05/27/2013 05:34 EDT
Will Banning Bodychecks in Minor Hockey Make a

Will Banning Bodychecks in Minor Hockey Make a Difference?

Hockey Canada has banned bodychecking at the peewee level, and Don Cherry is outraged. Cherry concedes that Hockey Canada has good intentions, but as he notes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The intention here is to save children from brain injury, that is, concussions. Hockey Canada has taken a small step toward protecting players from being injured in the first place. But they have to do much more if they sincerely want to protect players from concussions. Despite what one assumes, helmets do not protect anyone from concussion.
05/27/2013 05:32 EDT
Who's To Blame For the Rob Ford

Who's To Blame For the Rob Ford Video?

Near midnight last night, the <em>Toronto Star</em> detailed the video of Mayor Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine. But while they're the ones questioning Ford's fitness to lead, they're also the ones who are primarily responsible for this mess -- them and our arcane electoral system. The first past the post system made it harder for the non-top-two candidates, including Sarah Thomson, to stay in the race. If we'd had a ranked ballot method of voting, they may have stayed in. I was livid at Thomson quitting, leaving us with two crappy choices. It's no wonder so many of us either didn't vote or seriously considered not voting.
05/17/2013 11:41 EDT