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Sid Ryan

Past President Ontario Federation Labour

Born in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, Sid Ryan is the past President of the Ontario Federation Labour, Canada’s largest provincial labour federation, where he represented 54 unions and over one million workers. Previously, Sid headed up CUPE Ontario for 17 years and became one of the labour movement’s most recognized voices on public health care, education and public services. Sid has earned an international reputation as a champion of equity, social justice and human rights – not just for his members, but for workers in every workplace and their families in every community.
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NDP Base Is Crying Out For Principled Left Leadership

The NDP is seen to be the one with the toughest hill to climb. The party faithful believes that the NDP lost ground because it allowed itself to be outmanoeuvred by the Liberal Party -- on the left. The leadership contest is an opportunity to see which of the candidates are seriously listening to the expressed desire of the rank and file to move the party to the left.
03/10/2017 01:35 EST

NDP And Labour Must Heed Blue-Collar Fury That Fuelled Trump Win

There are lessons for the New Democratic Party and the Canadian Labour Congress in the stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton. The NDP should grow a backbone and learn to more vigorously fight trade agreements such as the CETA and TPP because workers in this country are suffering just as much as their American counterparts.
11/10/2016 05:47 EST
Fabian Bimmer / Reuters

CETA And Canadian Unions: A Squandered Opportunity

The TPP is all but dead. And following the stunning October 14 vote in Belgium, it seems CETA may very well be on its deathbed. This is a huge blow against the big business agenda of the Justin Trudeau Liberals. Sadly, Canadian unions and the New Democratic Party can take little credit for it.
10/18/2016 10:45 EDT
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Canadians Must Not Allow Themselves To Be Divided By Hate

The coordinated killings that rocked Paris over the weekend are an unspeakable horror. But we must not allow the horrific nature of this atrocity to drag Canada back into the racism, Islamophobia and war-mongering that characterized our last government. The burden to hold firm on the change that we demanded in the October election is jointly shared between Canadians and our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
11/18/2015 05:08 EST

7 Labour Law Reforms Ontario Must Consider

History has shown that when workers act collectively in their workplace they can improve their wages and working conditions. Such collective action has resulted in critical improvements in health and safety standards for workers and for decent wages and benefits.
07/24/2015 12:34 EDT

This Labour Day, Consider the "Union Advantage"

Nearly one in three people employed in Ontario is a union member. If you are one of these 1.6 million workers, you enjoy a tremendous advantage because your union has negotiated a fair wage and workday for you.
09/01/2014 08:46 EDT
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Inside the Labour Campaign That Stopped Hudak

In all of the coverage of the Ontario election and the new Wynne government, the media has completely overlooked one of the most important stories of them all. What people don't realize is that the labour movement came together in an unprecedented way to defeat Progressive Conservative party leader Tim Hudak, and kept the U.S. anti-union movement out of Canada.
07/22/2014 05:40 EDT

Young People in Ontario Shouldn't Have to Work For Less

The brazen attempt to force employees to work for less is part of a broader trend of employers pushing two-tier agreements at the bargaining table. After seeing these kinds of agreements in place in the United States, employers across the Canadian manufacturing sector have been pressing younger workers to settle for lower wages and fewer benefits.
03/31/2014 08:55 EDT
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Premiers Must Reject Low-Wage Agenda, Focus on Good Jobs

In Canada and Ontario we currently face many labour market challenges, including the rise of precarious work, growing numbers of migrant workers, cuts to employment insurance and cuts to job training programs for vulnerable workers. We hope the new Premier will situate Ontario as a leader among the provinces and territories and will address these challenges head-on.
07/19/2013 12:25 EDT

How Elevator Companies Are Making Safety Go Down in Ontario

Elevator workers are a silent army that keeps our province moving by ensuring that the 50,000 elevators in workplaces, apartments, hotels, hospitals and schools are running smoothly and safely. On May 1, 1,400 elevator maintenance workers were forced on strike by their employer, the National Elevator Escalator Association (NEEA). While these workers are off the job there is a significant safety concern for the public.
06/05/2013 05:22 EDT

Will Ontario Get the People's Budget It Deserves?

Thursday's Ontario budget provides an opportunity for collaboration and progressive change. that cannot be squandered. It is time for Ontario's political parties to do something truly courageous: listen to Ontarians and work together to adopt a People's Budget, one that focuses on fairness, equality and new jobs.
05/02/2013 08:02 EDT

Tories Attack Rand Formula to Silence Workers

The thrust of this Conservative campaign is to undermine union funding and silence workers' collective voice. In every case, they erect flimsy straw targets to disguise their agenda and the same is true of their attack on the Rand Formula -- the funding model for unions and a cornerstone of labour relations in Canada.
02/14/2013 07:55 EST

Part 3: Without Corporations, Tim Hudak Wouldn't Be Elected

According to a recent study of Ontario elections, between 2004 and 2011, over 40 per cent of Progressive Conservatives' funds ($26 million) came from corporations. Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak's vitriol toward unions has to do with the modest efforts of union members to counter the influence of corporations and the wealthy.
07/20/2012 08:12 EDT