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Sid Ryan

Past President Ontario Federation Labour

Born in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, Sid Ryan is the past President of the Ontario Federation Labour, Canada’s largest provincial labour federation, where he represented 54 unions and over one million workers. Previously, Sid headed up CUPE Ontario for 17 years and became one of the labour movement’s most recognized voices on public health care, education and public services. Sid has earned an international reputation as a champion of equity, social justice and human rights – not just for his members, but for workers in every workplace and their families in every community.
Part 2: Hudak and Harper Attempt to Silence their

Part 2: Hudak and Harper Attempt to Silence their Critics

Stripped to its core, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak's vision is not about "modernizing" the labour market in the interests of prosperity for all. He seeks to usher in an era of permanent uncertainty for all working people to the overwhelming benefit of corporations. To accomplish this task, Hudak must neutralize his opponents in every possible arena, from the workplace to elections.
07/19/2012 07:50 EDT
When Hudak Says

When Hudak Says "Flexible" Labour, He Really Means "Cheap"

In Tim Hudak's dreams for Ontarians, workers will shuffle from one low-wage, precarious job to another, competing with each other in a race to the bottom. This is what he means by "flexibility" and it is the path to poverty, not prosperity.
07/18/2012 10:10 EDT