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Sima Xyn

Electronic Musician | Visual Artist | Baddest Mother Nature Lover Around

I am a music producer, multi-instrumentalist & vocalist. I make weird music. I also love to take pictures, shoot and edit music videos. But enough about me.
Black Lives Matter TO: Please Stop Pushing Allies

Black Lives Matter TO: Please Stop Pushing Allies Away

Dear Black Lives Matter Toronto, I approached your booth and said, "I would like to buy a shirt and make a donation," but your volunteer told me shirts are $20 and are only for sale to the black community. What baffles me is you really took the time to tell me I'm not the right race, colour or minority to purchase your T-shirts or support your organization. I replied, "That's not right" and left quickly, dumbfounded and shocked, trying to collect my jaw from the streets of Toronto.
07/06/2016 09:14 EDT