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Simmy Yu

Personal Injury Lawyer at Tkatch & Associates, focusing on motor vehicle accidents and slip and falls

Simmy Yu is a lawyer at Tkatch & Associates, a boutique personal injury law firm located in downtown Toronto. Simmy’s main areas of practice are motor vehicle accidents, accident benefits, slip and falls, trip and falls, disability claim denials, product liability, dog bites and other personal injury matters.

As a passionate advocate for injured people as well as their family members, Simmy is committed to achieving the best possible settlement for each client. Simmy has represented clients in various levels of court, including the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. She also takes on an active mentoring role, speaking on panels with the University of Toronto as well as the Ontario Bar Association. Simmy previously worked as a Content Manager and Writer at Sympatico/MSN and was a Community Contributor for Global News in the field of personal injury law.

Simmy enjoys working with various community groups and is proud serve on the Board of Directors for the Community Legal Clinic of York Region, helping to ensure access to justice to those who need it. Simmy is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, Canadian Bar Association, Ontario Bar Association, Toronto Lawyers Association, and an executive member of the Association of Chinese Canadian Lawyers of Ontario.

For more information, see Follow Simmy along on Twitter @toronto_lawyer or send her an email at

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