Simone Castello

Award-winning lifestyle journalist, former editor at Canadian Living magazine, communications professional and creator of

Simone Castello is an award-winning lifestyle writer based in Toronto. She has worked for a number of national publications in Canada, including Canadian Living magazine, where she was the life and relationships editor for a number of years. Simone successfully launched her lifestyle blog, Straight From The Curls, in 2007. You'll find stories here about her sojourns around the world, and even her thoughts and insights about life, love and the little, everyday things that most people take for granted. As a writer, Simone covers a variety of topics, including travel, lifestyle and relationships, decor inspiration, and everything in between, and offers a unique global perspective. Follow her on Twitter at @SimoneCastello, or visit her blog for more.
How To Capture And Preserve Memories With Loved

How To Capture And Preserve Memories With Loved Ones

If you're lucky, you'll be given the gift of time to start making and preserving memories. If you've got access to your loved ones and you know your time with them is limited, take a few moments and capture your experiences in these five simple ways. You'll be grateful you did.
11/30/2015 15:03 EST
30 Things to Do by

30 Things to Do by 30

I just turned 30. Looking forward as a teenager, I never imagined that my 20s would be such defining years. What I never pictured in my big visual were all the little, seemingly insignificant things that would define my existence -- who I wanted to be as I stood on the threshold of the big three-oh.
09/09/2015 12:14 EDT