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Siri Agrell

A communications strategist and Vice President, Pilot PMR

Siri Agrell is the Vice President of Toronto communications firm Pilot PMR and previously worked as the speechwriter and Deputy Director of Communications to Premier Kathleen Wynne. Before that she was a journalist.

Have You Tried the Rob Ford Guide to Crisis Communications Yet?

It's been more than a year since Ford was revealed to be a crack smoker but he has maintained his meaty grip on power, and is currently dominating the media coverage of Toronto's upcoming municipal election. To pull this off, Ford has redefined the art of crisis communications, demonstrating that you can survive scandal by simply avoiding the truth or drowning it out. Ford is not, of course, the first to use silence, denial and obfuscation to advance his own interests.
08/21/2014 09:20 EDT
Vince Talotta via Getty Images

Why I'm On Team Soknacki for Toronto Mayor

I'm looking for a mayor. Not an ideologue. Not a stop-gap measure or compromise. Someone who understands their social and fiscal responsibilities. Someone who is pragmatic but socially progressive. Someone who doesn't divide people into neighbourhoods or classes or categories but who recognizes that we all pay taxes and we all want them put to good use.
02/28/2014 06:12 EST