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Small Change Fund

Aisling Nolan, Small Change Fund

Small Change Fund empowers you to make big change with small change. We provide a place for you to discover, share, connect with, and support amazing grassroots projects in communities across the country – projects that need just a small amount of money to make a real and significant impact in the world.
Would Canadians Rather Make a Quick Buck or Have Clean

Would Canadians Rather Make a Quick Buck or Have Clean Water?

This is a wake up call for Canadians to realize that our water supply is not infinite, that there are people right here in Canada who lack access to it, and that what little we do have is going towards digging holes in the ground or exporting meat to France. It's a wake up call for Canadians to ask ourselves are we willing to give up one of the basic necessities of life to make a quick buck?
09/23/2014 05:23 EDT
Canada's North: Challenges and

Canada's North: Challenges and Opportunities

There is no doubt that the landscape -- environmental, social, and political -- in Canada's North is changing. In the same year that Yukon celebrated its tenth anniversary of devolution, the Northwest Territories achieved an agreement of its own. Calls for negotiations to resume in Nunavut are gaining strength.
08/20/2013 13:00 EDT
The Challenges of Food Security in the

The Challenges of Food Security in the Yukon

In Dawson City, one step away from the arctic circle, we are working to promote more local food production. Here, more than anywhere else, food matters. We are at the end of the road and conditions are quite crude. Food here is expensive, but mostly fresh, which is already a huge improvement compared to 100 years ago.
05/28/2013 05:19 EDT

"White Water, Black Gold": a Documentary About "Ethical Oil"

As part of this year's nation-wide, week-long celebration of water, Canada Water Week, here are some questions for getting the most out of your documentary viewing experience. David Lavallee's film, <em>White Water, Black Gold</em>, has received myriad distinctions. It will air on TVO Wednesday March 20 at 10 p.m.
03/20/2013 12:14 EDT
Help Save These Mountains From Becoming a Ski

Help Save These Mountains From Becoming a Ski Resort

In the heart of the Purcell Mountains, surrounded by rugged peaks and glaciers, sit the Jumbo Valley. It is wilderness in the purest sense, providing critical habitat to grizzly bears. And it is one of my favourite places in the world. It is also the site of a proposed mega ski resort development called the Jumbo Glacier Resort.
10/24/2012 04:43 EDT
Stand Up And Add Your Voice To B.C. Environmental

Stand Up And Add Your Voice To B.C. Environmental Fight

If a mega corporation wanted to build a ski resort in your most treasured forest, you'd raise your voice. If a little girl in your community was standing up to big oil because she wanted to save sea otters, you'd raise your voice. If a thoughtful group of First Nations said to you "how can we understand the total impact of all these development projects unless we are working together?", you'd raise your voice too. Well, this is your chance. B.C. is facing unprecedented environmental challenges.
10/23/2012 01:23 EDT
Why I Practice

Why I Practice Gratitude

There is always something to be thankful for, even when we may think there isn't. Being thankful has helped me to cultivate an attitude which, when continually fostered, has helped my life to be more positively memorable, joyful and meaningful. I've learned that thankfulness helps create positive thoughts, which creates positive emotions, which then creates positive energy.
08/01/2012 07:53 EDT