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Dr. Soania-Mathur

Family physician living with Parkinson's Disease, Founder of Designing A Cure Inc.

Dr. Soania Mathur is a family physician living outside of Toronto, Ontario who had to resign her practice as a result of her Young Onset Parkinson's Disease a full twelve years after her diagnosis at age 27. Now she is a dedicated speaker, writer, educator and Parkinson's advocate. She speaks passionately about the challenges of adjusting physically and emotionally and the coping strategies available to patients.

Dr. Mathur is an active speaker with the Parkinson’s Society of Canada at patient-directed conferences and also serves as a resource for education projects. She works with The Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson’s Research and serves on their Patient Council. She is a member of The Brian Grant Foundation Advisory Board that helps to create educational programming.

She is the founder of Designing A Cure Inc which was initially created to raise funds directed towards research and awareness of Parkinson's Disease and now serves as a platform to educate and inspire those living with this disease to take charge of their lives, to live well with Parkinson's.

Dr. Mathur has a special interest in helping educate the youngest affected by the stress of this chronic disease. To help facilitate dialogue between children and their loved ones, she has authored two books: “My Shaky Grandpa” and “Shaky Hands, Loving Hands – A Children’s Guide To Parkinson’s Disease” (awaiting publication).

Recently, Dr. Mathur launched a new company Hippylicious which is dedicated to providing parents with all natural, non-toxic personal care products for their families in an effort to reduce their toxin load, a factor that she believes is significant in the development or exacerbation of many diseases.

She is also the Director of The Surjit Verma Foundation fro Children’s Education, a charity left to her by her late father, dedicated to providing impoverished children in developing nations with educational opportunities.

Most importantly, she is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters and married to her loving and supportive husband Arun, a Urologic surgeon.
The Truth Behind Clinical

The Truth Behind Clinical Trials

The statistics may differ from disease to disease, but the challenges with clinical trial participation are seen across the spectrum of medical research. Any delay a study faces due to difficulty in finding participants, leads to a huge waste of resources, money and most importantly time. Without enough volunteers to participate in medical research the development of better treatments and ultimately a cure for the myriad of diseases that impact us all, will not be possible.
05/05/2017 05:50 EDT
How To Live Better With Chronic Illness This

How To Live Better With Chronic Illness This Year

For many people, this is a time to leave bad habits behind and face the upcoming year with motivation and a new set of commitments. For those of us living with chronic disease however, we cannot escape the burden of our illness or the daily challenges we face.
01/05/2017 04:41 EST
Why Is It Taking So Long To Find A Cure For Parkinson's

Why Is It Taking So Long To Find A Cure For Parkinson's Disease?

Even though research in the Parkinson's disease field continues to progress, there is still no cure for this disease that affects an estimated seven million to 10 million people worldwide. Still, progress is being made as we are beginning to understand the complexity of this disease.
04/21/2016 11:16 EDT
Are You At Risk For Parkinson's

Are You At Risk For Parkinson's Disease?

April is Parkinson's disease awareness month, a time to learn about this illness and to be aware of the estimated seven to ten million people that wake up everyday to face the challenges of this incurable, progressive illness. And these challenges include motor symptoms like tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement and loss of balance.
04/08/2016 01:28 EDT
What You May Not Know About Parkinson's

What You May Not Know About Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease for which there is no cure. April is Parkinson's awareness month, a time for raising public understanding about a disease that affects one in 100 people over the age of 65, translating to millions worldwide who are currently facing the daily challenges this illness brings.
04/10/2015 12:42 EDT
I Was Pregnant When I Learned I Had Parkinson's

I Was Pregnant When I Learned I Had Parkinson's Disease

Along with my growing belly and the morning sickness, there also was a new tremor in my right pinkie finger, a symptom that as a physician myself, I knew was not part of normal pregnancy. And before I could even welcome my new daughter into this world, I was burdened by a different unwelcome companion; a diagnosis of Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. Parenting is a challenge in and of itself and to do it well is even more difficult. Add into the mix dealing with a chronic disease and the hurdles are magnified.
10/24/2013 12:12 EDT
How My Life With Parkinson's Could Be More

How My Life With Parkinson's Could Be More Manageable

As the morning sun pours into my bedroom, I slowly swing my legs over the side of the bed but the pain in my cramped feet make it nearly impossible to navigate to the bathroom. Like myself, many people with chronic illness awaken every morning to face a day full of challenges. What the millions of us affected with a chronic, disabling disease need is quite simple yet unbelievably complicated -- better treatments and ultimately, a cure. We often think of the search for these elusive endpoints as being far removed from us when in fact, we need to be an integral part of the process. The answers are essentially, in all of us.
06/12/2013 08:41 EDT
What Could I Have Done to Avoid

What Could I Have Done to Avoid Parkinson's?

More than 15 years ago, at the start of my medical career and expecting my first child, the neurologist confirmed what the first clinician had suspected -- the tremor I had been experiencing over the preceding year was Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. Genetics seemed to have loaded the gun, but what exactly pulled the trigger?
05/08/2013 12:13 EDT
How to Fight Parkinson's With an Optimistic

How to Fight Parkinson's With an Optimistic Outlook

This progressive neurological disease was taking over my body -- there was no escaping it. My future for now included this chronic illness but my life experience would be very different depending on how I decided to face this challenge. This realization came gradually. Now I try to live my life with an optimistic outlook.
05/01/2013 02:06 EDT