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Sofi Papamarko


Sofi Papamarko has written for, the Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun, the Montreal Gazette, Report on Business, Exclaim! and dozens of other publications, both in print and online. She blogs about her dating failures here.

I Prefer to Be Green Than to Make Green

Would you take a 50 per cent pay cut to work on something you believed in? Two months ago, I did exactly that when I began working for Earth Day Canada. Coincidentally, I also started sleeping better at night. Because I'd rather be green than have it.
03/28/2013 08:45 EDT

Because of the Environment, I May Not Have Children

I am not exactly an environmental crusader. I turn off the lights whenever I leave a room. I use public transportation. I recycle. For a long time, I thought this was enough. It's not, and over the past few years, I have begun to question whether or not I should ever have children. Here's why.
07/31/2012 12:13 EDT

Single on Valentine's Day? Here's Some Advice

Valentine's Day is like the New Year's Eve of couple-dom; high-pressure, high expectations, absurdly expensive and generally kind of a letdown. But it doesn't have to be like that! Here are a few ideas that will make Valentine's Day work for you.
02/07/2012 03:51 EST

Speed Daters Find Love Among Dead Ends... Sometimes

Speed dating has never worked for me. The scads of men I've met have been unfailingly lovely, but as I tend to gravitate toward emotionally stunted weirdos, these stouthearted IT experts and bankers are not exactly my thing. (Therapy, anyone?) Happily, others have fared far better than I.
01/06/2012 09:01 EST

Single for Six Reasons

Some people insist that single women are not married because they're shallow, not good enough or doing something wrong. But I would argue that we are actually doing everything right.
07/07/2011 07:48 EDT