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Songs & Cigarettes

Braden Rosner, James Buttivant, Tim S

Songs & Cigarettes is a collective.

It is a series of ideas and candid recollections from some of the most goddamn interesting minds around — from the cold north, west, down and through the 49th parallel.While we are not committed to any singular theme, Songs & Cigarettes operates on the pure and simple philosophy of the rad, the compelling and the shit we find of interest. We are a force of writers, photographers, travelers, videographers, employed, unemployed, self-employed, and the outright bat-shit crazy.
How to Dress for Gay Pride

How to Dress for Gay Pride Weekend

With such a vibrant event kicking off on June 22, we at Songs & Cigarettes found it crucial to impart some very important fashion tips to keep you looking the part and wowing Church Street during this festive occasion. Here are Braden, James, and Tim's 10 tips for dressing right during Pride.
06/29/2012 07:57 EDT