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Sonia Desrosiers

Principal Associate at iHunt

Recipient of several awards in entrepreneurship and marketing Sonia Desrosiers holds an MBA in Multinational Management. Progressive in her professional career she has acquired solid experience in marketing, business development and human resources (HR). She regularly consults with managers and business owners, managing partners, executives and HR specialists developing business strategies and opportunities. <br> <br> As the Principal Associate at iHunt she shares her expertise between companies and recruiters active in various spheres of recruitment. Always keen to stay abreast of new technological tools and innovative HR strategies, she closely follows the latest trends that will have success and influence developments tomorrow. Her articles can be found on several blogs and career websites.
How To Make Sure Your CV Stands

How To Make Sure Your CV Stands Out

There are a multitude of formats you can use to build your resume. Depending on your current situation, your industry and the strengths you want to highlight, your format can be customized to suit your particular needs. Unfortunately, there are also a thousand ways you can diminish the effectiveness of a CV, many of which most applicants may not even realize.
04/17/2017 11:50 EDT
How To Become An Individual People Want To

How To Become An Individual People Want To Hire

To be recognized in your organization and even in your industry, you must state explicitly what is about you that makes you unique; what the value is you can bring; and how it can contribute to your organization. There are various ways to get your point across -- here are four of the best.
10/21/2016 02:02 EDT
Your Poorly-Written Job Descriptions Are Driving Away

Your Poorly-Written Job Descriptions Are Driving Away Talent

If you have undertaken the delicate task of attracting talent and recruiting that talent, you will have been faced with the challenge of producing descriptive and enticing job descriptions. A well-written and accurate job description will attract the right level of talent that your organization deserves. At the same time, a poorly-written description will send out the wrong signals and bring in the wrong people. Avoid these mistakes at all costs.
08/15/2016 10:54 EDT
Preparing A Resume For A Senior Management

Preparing A Resume For A Senior Management Position

To prepare a resume for a senior management position is not an easy task since you will likely have to distinguish yourself and lead in a fiercely competitive field of tremendously qualified and highly experienced candidates. Your resume needs not only to be well prepared, but it will also have to stand out from the competition.
06/09/2016 02:21 EDT
Why The World Of Employment Will Never Be The

Why The World Of Employment Will Never Be The Same

In recent years, the world of employment has evolved to such an extent that it will never be the same. The workforce is aging, new technologies are changing the way we do things, globalization reduces the effects of borders and the availability of information promotes competitiveness. These conditions have triggered several significant changes that are transforming the employment industry.
05/27/2016 03:59 EDT
A New Era For Job Seekers And

A New Era For Job Seekers And Recruiters

The digital era continues to revolutionize the employment industry. With human resources, the transformation is particularly noticeable in the areas of attracting and retaining expert talent. To remain competitive, companies have no choice but to follow suit and do their best to create enticing environments for existing or desired employees.
04/29/2016 03:18 EDT
A Guide To Essential Recruitment Terms For

A Guide To Essential Recruitment Terms For Novices

The HR sector, employment and recruiting world are constantly evolving. And so are the terms that define the industry. You have probably already noticed, we no longer speak only of recruiting but also of staffing and talent acquisition.
04/07/2016 04:47 EDT
Recruiting Differently To

Recruiting Differently To Innovate

Large companies often have the best talent: those who have ideas, expertise and skills to innovate. However, these people may be managers who are often overburdened, which gives them very little time for new projects. This is why some companies decide instead to recruit teams whose sole purpose is to innovate.
02/04/2016 01:24 EST
Retaining Intrapreneurs: A Challenge Well Worth

Retaining Intrapreneurs: A Challenge Well Worth It

More and more organizations hire entrepreneurs whose purpose it is to either create, build, innovate or restructure and ensure faster organizational development or growth. By using entrepreneurs to take control of and accelerate development, companies whose foundations are based on strong intrapreneurial values attract like magnets candidates with those same values.
01/28/2016 03:08 EST
Tips For Attracting Intrapreneurs To Your

Tips For Attracting Intrapreneurs To Your Organization

More and more executives are required to work with greater independence and/or direct satellite teams. To fulfill these roles, companies increasingly seek intrapreneurs, or entrepreneurs who will perform within a large organization as they would within an independent company in order to establish an entity.
01/21/2016 04:15 EST
An Absolute Must: 2016 Recruiting

An Absolute Must: 2016 Recruiting Trends

Denying the importance of trends is a mistake -- to be the first can confer a competitive advantage for your firm and your reputation, and goes towards building your employer brand. Once new trends have evolved into current practices, they lose their effectiveness due to their wide spread and use by competitors.
01/13/2016 03:12 EST