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Sonny Wong

Creative Director Of Hamazaki Wong, Managing Director Of Artspoints Rewards

Sonny is an award-winning marketer and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in a wide variety of projects and initiatives.

Throughout his career, as creative director of Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group, Sonny has led major campaigns for local and national blue-chip companies and brands including airlines, automotive, financial services, media, package goods, retail, mining and resources, and many others. He is also managing director of Artspoints Rewards, North America’s first loyalty program for the arts. Concurrently, Sonny established himself as a respected program and experiential producer where he’s helped to establish some of Vancouver’s signature events. He was a founding committee member of the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival serving as its managing director for over a decade, and has worked internationally producing major exhibitions and cultural programs.

Sonny is Canadian vice-chair of the advisory board of Seattle-based KCTS 9 (PBS affiliate in the Pacific Northwest); founder & chair of the Board of Change, a business network that advocates the pursuit of profit equally with the pursuit of sustainability; and has served on multitude of leading not-for-profit organizations in B.C. Sonny has also served as marketing columnist for the weekly Business in Vancouver newspaper and was a sessional instructor of marketing in the Faculty of Commerce at the University of British Columbia.

Sonny was named one of Business in Vancouver’s 40 Under 40, an achievement award given to top business leaders under the age of 40. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UBC.
Donald Trump Is

Donald Trump Is Us

Encountering a personality like Trump's is highly unusual. People like him can't rationally exist, we tell ourselves. He possesses a multitude of confounding characteristics that defy his office and position in life. But, with his combination of skills and deficiencies, he did win the presidency, didn't he? Yet we remain incredulous and struggle to come to terms with how this happened.
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What Distinguishes Vancouver From Other North American

What Distinguishes Vancouver From Other North American Markets

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Vote Against The Tragedy Of The

Vote Against The Tragedy Of The Commons

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