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Sophia Banks

A photographer and advocate for trans liberation.

Sophia Banks is a advocate for trans liberation and photographer. She is a recent transplant to Montreal from Toronto. Sophia divides her time between her art photography, writing and public speaking engagements. She will be featured in an upcoming documentary about trans health care in Canada and is currently writing her first book.
The Canadian Press

Canada's Failure to Protect Trans Women Should Be an Election Issue

Like most women in Canada, I feel issues that affect me are generally ignored by politicians, especially on a federal level. There was some buzz on September 21st over the #UpForDebate, which was a panel featuring video clips from political party leaders and a panel of women discussing these clips about the neglected issues women in Canada face. As a woman I should perhaps feel positive and hopeful with this progress, that finally these issues are being addressed at least in some capacity. But as a trans woman I already know that issues affecting my unique needs and concerns will be ignored.
09/23/2015 12:42 EDT