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Sophie Tarnowska


Don't Tell Me I Look Good 'For My Age'

Today is my 42nd birthday, and I must admit that admitting my age is getting harder, in part because I come from a long line of age deniers. When I was younger, my mother would call me up whenever sh...
12/01/2014 12:20 EST
MAHMUD HAMS via Getty Images

We Are All Hypocrites About the Gaza Crisis

I want us all to shut up until we are ready to stop being hypocrites. I ask that we stop justifying pain that in our own lives would be unjustifiable, unliveable, unkind. I am so ashamed of my people -- all of you whom I intersect with on social media, and even myself -- I barely hear anyone with the guts not to answer back, not to justify "their" point of view.
08/08/2014 05:52 EDT

Don't Judge Haiti By Its Media Coverage

I had no idea how strongly my friend and many other Haitians feel about this uneven representation of their island until I posted a picture of a pile of garbage in Port-au-Prince and her brother told me off. Haiti is treated like that girl who can't shake the bad reputation she got in high school.
11/04/2013 05:44 EST

Learning to Love My Aging Face

Tonight I got sucked into the Facebook vortex, looking at the admittedly obscene amount of pictures I have collected and taken over the years. And I thought: wow, I looked so young. And then: wow, I look so much older. And I do.
11/06/2012 08:55 EST