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Stacey Haley

Writer, mother, proud Canadian

Stacey has always been told she has a way with words; whether it was arguing her way into getting what she wanted as a child, advocating for her twin boys who are severely affected by autism or blogging about her family. If she had a dollar for every time she was told she should write a book, she could afford to take the time off to get started.

After a decade of being a stay at home mom, Stacey is currently navigating through her journey as a newly single mom to three handsome teenage young men, while juggling the demands of a demanding full-time career in politics and facing a future full of unknowns with the prospect of someday having to be a full-time caregiver for her twins.

The goal is to live life passionately, to enjoy the ride with a smile on her face, and to approach each challenge with grace and grit.
12 Years Of Autism Awareness Have Reshaped My Family's Stacey Haley

12 Years Of Autism Awareness Have Reshaped My Family's World

Autism Awareness Day now has a different meaning for me than it did back then. In those early years I just hoped that people would know what autism was so that I didn't always have to explain my boys' differences to them. It evolved into wanting people to understand that our boys were different, but not less. Then, it was wanting acceptance so that they would be accepted into the rest of society and have access to the same things their peers had. Now I think it's about shaking the world up to realize that even if autism has not yet entered their own perfect bubble of a life, at this increased rate of prevalence, it will very soon.
04/02/2017 10:24 EDT
People With Autism Are Dying Early Due To napatcha via Getty Images

People With Autism Are Dying Early Due To Injury

For children and young adults with autism, they are 40 times more likely to die from injury. More than 40% of these deaths occurred in their homes or residential institution and the last sickening stat I'll throw into this cesspool of great news is that suffocation, asphyxiation and drowning are the leading three causes of fatal injuries in people with autism.
03/28/2017 12:40 EDT
Autism Plus Insomnia Equals A Cry For FatCamera via Getty Images

Autism Plus Insomnia Equals A Cry For Compassion

We should have known from their birth that this was going to be a lifelong battle. I remember after the twins were born, listening to other new moms brag how their kids were sleeping through the night at three months old and secretly hating them. I remember trying all the same things I had done with my first and wondering why it wasn't working with O and W. 1 to 3 hours of sleep for their first 18 months would destroy the strongest of men but somehow we survived it.
11/22/2016 05:39 EST
Symbols That Help Me Remember My Nan And Stacey Haley

Symbols That Help Me Remember My Nan And Pop

I could never identify exactly what so moved me on November 11th, but I could always anticipate that I would need Kleenex up my sleeve cuff... if I was heading to the cenotaph. My patriotism is never more evident than it is on Remembrance Day.... Perhaps my emotional response to the poppy is because of my heart's immediate connection to memories of my Nan and Pop.
11/10/2016 03:26 EST
Autism Gifted Me By Turning Me Into A Real Grown Stacey Haley

Autism Gifted Me By Turning Me Into A Real Grown Up

Autism officially entered our lives on June 7th and then again June 14th, 2005. Not only was this new territory -- it was no man's land. Scary quicksand territory. Never before had our parenting skills been put to the test as it was in the latter half of 2005. Not just our skills, but our belief in ourselves as parents.
11/07/2016 11:07 EST
I Won't Let 'Autism Fatigue' Make Me Give Up On DusanManic via Getty Images

I Won't Let 'Autism Fatigue' Make Me Give Up On Halloween

Recently, I have become aware that something seems to be happening in our little autism family bubble. I'll name it Autism Fatigue. After 13 years of nothing coming easy, 13 years of aforementioned preparation and coaching, and teaching and coping and surviving and striving and advocating and fighting and praying.. I got tired. Christmas had fallen to the wayside, and Halloween was next.
11/04/2016 06:55 EDT