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Stacey May Fowles

Novelist, essayist, baseball fan

Stacey May Fowles is a novelist and essayist. She curates baseball <br> feelings from across the league into a weekly newsletter called <a href="" rel="nofollow">Baseball<br> Life Advice</a>.
Why R.A. Dickey Is More Than Just a Baseball

Why R.A. Dickey Is More Than Just a Baseball Hero

I'm not embarrassed to say that R.A. Dickey made me cry. About half way through our hour-long conversation, after talking about his favourite books and writers, and the difficult task of writing a memoir, I raised the fact that I was also sexual assault survivor-my disclosure a way of relaying to him that I understood the courage necessary in telling his story. He then thoughtfully interrupted me, genuinely expressing how sorry he was for what had happened in my past. When things get especially hard, I now hear his voice in my head: "I'm so sorry that happened to you, Stacey May."
10/19/2015 05:38 EDT