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Stan Sudol

Communications Consultant, Mining Policy Analyst, Columnist

Stan Sudol is a Toronto-based communications consultant, mining policy analyst and columnist.

During the past six years, he has also produced a Blog called, a mining news aggregator as well as a venue for his own columns and speeches.

The RepublicOfMining has become one of the largest digital databases on information about the Ring of Fire and other northern Ontario resource issues.

Well-known for his insight on mining issues, he is frequently interviewed by the northern Ontario print and radio media and has made numerous guest appearances on TV Ontario’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin.

He has also been asked to give keynote speeches to interested stakeholders and has twice addressed the annual Ontario Prospectors Association’s Geoscience Symposium in Sudbury.

His strategic communications skills and speechwriting expertise have been used in a number of Government of Ontario ministries and mining companies.

Personal Background

Stan Sudol was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario – the richest mining district in North America and among the top ten most strategic on the planet.

Mr. Sudol worked at the old Inco Metals’ Clarabell Mill for one year before going to college and spent one summer working underground at the company’s Frood-Stobie Mine.

He has a solid understanding of the mining sector and its ability to create enormous wealth in a sustainable manner and alleviate poverty, especially in Canada’s northern Aboriginal communities.
Wynne: Turn Sudbury's Laurentian into Global Harvard of Hardrock Mining (Part 1 of

Wynne: Turn Sudbury's Laurentian into Global Harvard of Hardrock Mining (Part 1 of 2)

The recent provincial byelection in the Sudbury riding -- ultimately won by NDP-turned-Liberal candidate Glenn Thibeault -- caught the attention of the all-important Toronto media for alleged political improprieties by Premier Wynne, one staffer and a local fund raiser. This was unfortunate, as serious policy issues related to the city's status as a centre of mining excellence, were largely overlooked.
02/11/2015 04:58 EST
Part 2: Canadian T.V. Ignores Ontario's Rich Mining

Part 2: Canadian T.V. Ignores Ontario's Rich Mining History

The mining industry is the largest private sector employer of Aboriginals in the country. There are many, successful examples between First Nations communities and mining companies including, Glencore/Xstrata's Raglan venture in northern Quebec, Vale's Voisey's Bay mine in Labrador and Cameco's uranium mines in northern Saskatchewan, just to name a few.
03/09/2014 01:17 EST
Canadian T.V. Ignores Ontario's Rich Mining

Canadian T.V. Ignores Ontario's Rich Mining History

For crying out loud, I continue to be astonished with our collective Canadian obsession over the Klondike Gold Rush while northern Ontario's rich and vibrant mining history is completely ignored by the Toronto media establishment, especially the CBC.
03/07/2014 02:10 EST
Peat Fuel for Ring of Fire and Aboriginal Sunny Freeman

Peat Fuel for Ring of Fire and Aboriginal Communities

Currently, isolated First Nations depend on very expensive diesel fuel that must be supplied by trucks on winter roads or flown in. Amazingly, most of the swampy lowlands and many parts of the Canadian Shield throughout northern Ontario contain a source of energy that has been used for centuries in Europe -- peat fuel.
11/12/2013 05:50 EST
What Premier Wynne Needs to Learn From Getty

What Premier Wynne Needs to Learn From Finland

Ontario needs to leverage much more value-added manufacturing from its rich mineral resources like South Africa and Finland. The Ring of Fire will create thousands of mining, transportation and supply and service jobs. But thousands of additional, well paying, value-added jobs could be secured if Ontario successfully attracts one or more stainless steel mills.
10/18/2013 06:09 EDT