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Stefani Forster

'Storage Wars Canada': 5 Surprising OLN

'Storage Wars Canada': 5 Surprising Facts

The lock is sawed off, the storage locker flies open, and after a quick peek inside with the flashlights, the bidding begins. Anyone who's familiar with A&E's "Storage Wars" knows the formula by now,...
08/30/2013 05:25 EDT
'Lost and Sold': What You Need to SliceTV

'Lost and Sold': What You Need to Know

Ever wondered what happens to your lost, unclaimed airport luggage? What about those DVDs you ordered, or your mom's care package that never arrived? Your lost items could be featured on a new series...
08/27/2013 02:30 EDT
Has Dexter Been Dead This Whole AP

Has Dexter Been Dead This Whole Time?

Eight seasons, 96 episodes and 125 gruesome murders later, the hit Showtime TV series "Dexter" is finally coming to an end. But with the way the final season has been treating its characters so far (...
08/23/2013 03:25 EDT