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Steffani Cameron

Writer, photographer, and digital nomad.

Steffani Cameron is a writer and photographer originally from Vancouver, Canada. In 2015, she sold everything with a plan to work remotely while travelling the world for five years. One year in, she's seen over 30 cities and 8 countries. (And she's still terrible at learning other languages.)
Tips For Beating Homesickness While

Tips For Beating Homesickness While Travelling

Travelling is like being suspended above a world that doesn't need us to function. We're irrelevant. Despite how amazing travel is, that isolated irrelevance can gnaw at us. So it's important to remember everything ends, even travel. Few ever experience these prolonged journeys. Don't let homesickness or isolation spoil your adventure.
09/15/2016 09:13 EDT
Is Globalization The Collapse Of

Is Globalization The Collapse Of Culture?

As I travel, I'm learning how dire it is when these companies with massive international funds behind them invade and usurp regional cultures with global products that have no soul, no passion, and certainly no emotional resonance for those regions.
09/07/2016 04:00 EDT
Dear Jian: BDSM Should Be

Dear Jian: BDSM Should Be Safe

Jian Ghomeshi wants you to think this is all about BDSM and how he's forward-thinking but his bosses aren't. He "framed" the discussion by claiming he has edgy sex preferences, and the big, boring government broadcaster isn't hip to alternative sex lives. Anyone involved in BDSM knows BDSM is not how the public perceives it. People joke about "safe words," but in the BDSM community, the safe word is sacred. There is a widespread understanding amongst even hardcore BDSM fans that sadomasochism is all about trust and power -- except that power is never held by the person with the whip in hand.
10/28/2014 09:51 EDT
B.C. Leper Colony's Little Known

B.C. Leper Colony's Little Known History

These days, one landing on D'Arcy Island is likely to be a kayaker enjoying its remote beauty. But 122 years ago, that haven must have been desperately lonely, isolating, and even terrifying for those immigrant lepers just shuttled off and left to quietly live a life of struggle, or quietly die as they please.
03/08/2013 01:31 EST