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Steph Guthrie

Feminist advocate and community manager


"Revenge Porn" Needs its Own Bill

For the last year I've been speaking and writing at length about the issue Bill C-13 claims to tackle. While the bill's name in the press is the "Cyber-bullying Bill," the more specific problem addressed by components of Bill C-13 is known as "revenge porn," a term I hate for both its inaccuracy and sexualized sensationalism. After a year of arguing for legislation that criminalizes cyber-sexual assault, I cannot support the legislation as written. I cannot trade one set of civil rights for another. We should separate the components of Bill C-13 that deal directly with cyber-sexual assault from those that do not, and debate them as different pieces of legislation.
05/06/2014 05:15 EDT
Rob Ford Is Poisoning the City With His Toxic

Rob Ford Is Poisoning the City With His Toxic Masculinity

Violent temper. Refusal to admit wrongdoing. Penchant for expressing every feeling as anger. Penchant for expressing anger through physical intimidation. Homophobia and transphobia. Impulsive, risky behaviour with no consideration of potential consequences. "Boys will be boys" brand excuses for egregious behaviour. Yup. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford sure is winning at Toxic Masculinity Bingo.
11/08/2013 05:48 EST
Let's Call

Let's Call "Trolling" What it Really Is: Hate Speech

In so many of the instances in which the popular press (and the general public) apply the label "trolling," they're referring to sincere statements from people who believe every word they're saying. These alleged "trolls" have myriad intentions that may include getting a rise out of their target, but also include silencing their target, humiliating their target, inspiring fear or emotional distress in their target, etc etc etc. It's not provocation merely for provocation's sake, and the stakes are much higher. We don't need special Internet words for hate speech, harassment, or death threats. These words already exist.
10/03/2013 05:26 EDT
Men's Rights Don't Include Blaming Women for

Men's Rights Don't Include Blaming Women for Rape

Advocacy group Men's Rights Edmonton recently plastered the University of Alberta campus with posters that entreat the reader, "Don't Be That Girl." According to Men's Rights Edmonton, "that girl" is a woman who has consensual sex that she later falsely reports as rape. Rigorous studies put the percentage of false rape reports as low as 0.6 per cent.
07/11/2013 05:45 EDT
Infuriating Things People Say to Women

Infuriating Things People Say to Women Musicians

Did you know that women are people who sometimes make and/or produce music? I know, shocking, but it's a thing! I decided to submit a collection of crowdsourced "things people say to women musicians." Here's a sampling of the responses I got.
07/10/2013 11:18 EDT