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Steph McGrath

Writer. Content marketer. Pop culture fan. 17+ years working in digital and content strategy. Currently Senior Director of Content Strategy @ VERB Interactive

Tweet, in the Name of

Tweet, in the Name of Love

The wonders of the Internet mean I know my pal's toddler just had his first haircut and my Banana Republic friend has just checked into the store again. I wonder if it's also brought real, tangible, fresh hope to people who've loved and lost and are ready to get twitterpated all over again.
06/20/2011 03:33 EDT
Does This Tweet Make Me Look

Does This Tweet Make Me Look Fat?

Why are (some of us) unflinchingly honest on Twitter? Please tell me that after 2011 years we have something to talk about other than boys, babies and "does this Tweet make me look fat?". Please.
05/27/2011 07:58 EDT