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Stéphane Paquette

Singer-songwriter and actor

Stéphane Paquette was born in Sudbury and has devoted over 15 years to music. As founding member of Les chaizes muzikales, a group which was enormously successful among young people in the mid-1990’s, Stef has performed in more than 500 concerts. He still resides in Sudbury with his wife and three children and still performs all around the country. Prizes and distinctions for Stéphane Paquette include: winner of Best Album and Best Album Cover for Le salut de l'arrière pays at the Gala des prix Trille (March 2013), nominated for Album of the Year and winner of Song of the Year at the Franco-Ontarian music awards (March 2005), winner of the national singer-songwriter competition Chanson en Fête in St-Ambroise, Québec (first winner from Ontario), ‘Best stage presence’ and ‘Press choice award’ at the international singing competition in Granby, Québec, recipient of the Francophone of the Year award, recipient of the 40 under 40 award awarded to the 40 most influential people in Northern Ontario under the age of 40. Stef also represented Canada at the Festival Sans Frontières in Cairo, Egypt. He was part the cast of Météo+ (TFO), playing the character Mario Chzwensky and these days, you can hear him on the radio at Le Loup 98,9FM hosting the drive home from 3 pm to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. You can also catch Stef on TFO, every Thursday night in the new locally filmed TV show, Les Bleus de Ramville where he plays Gordie Turcotte, the main character of the series. He’s also currently starring as Charlie Riviere in television drama series Hard Rock Medical, his first English language artistic project.
Hard Rock Medical: More Than a TV Show - It's My

Hard Rock Medical: More Than a TV Show - It's My Life!

As a homegrown Sudbury boy, I never imagined shooting a TV show in my hometown. Now according to my friends, I'm not <em>playing</em> Charlie; I <em>am</em> Charlie Rivière. I guess they're partially correct. Did I mention that all the bedroom and outdoor house scenes were shot at my house? OMG, I AM Charlie Rivière!
07/19/2013 11:29 EDT