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Stephane Prud'homme

Lecturer and Ph.D. Candidate

Lecturer. Credibility Engineer. PhD Student: Source & Corporate Credibility, Trust & Reputation. #StopAnimalCruelty Activist & Vegetarian. 6+ yrs in Asia (Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, now in Hong Kong). <br> <br>
Why a Corporation Should Invest in Building

Why a Corporation Should Invest in Building Credibility

The only constraint when a corporation decides to work on its credibility is the time, and in business, time is cash. People do not realize how long it could be to build a credibility sound enough to help them to get out of a crisis situation or to build a relationship with stakeholders. We often say that it takes years to build credibility and it takes hours to lose, and it is so true.
01/14/2015 05:23 EST