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Stephanie Earp

Writer living in Montreal

Stephanie Earp is a writer living in Montreal. She was a staff writer at TV Guide Canada, and a TV columnist for AOL and Huffington Post. Her work has appeared in Elle Canada, Canadian Living, Kingston Life, The Kingston Whig-Standard and other publications. She recently completed a novel about music, fame and bad decisions.
I Used To Live In A Parkdale Rooming

I Used To Live In A Parkdale Rooming House

I lived in a rooming house in Parkdale when I was 15 years old. In remembering all this, I realize I was one of those 'vulnerable people' we see cited in discussions about housing and the effects of gentrification. I don't know what particular struggles the other tenants were facing, because I was too caught up in my own teenage angst and awkwardness to ask, but what we had in common was that we were alone. A rooming house was a landing place for me, so why are we treating it like a slur?
06/01/2017 04:51 EDT
Canadian TV: Have We Lost Our

Canadian TV: Have We Lost Our Identity?

Of the top 20 TV shows in Canada, 18 of them are American. In this rather bleak landscape, what is the future of Canadian television? Should we even bother producing TV anymore?
12/13/2011 14:19 EST