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Stephanie Eddy

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Stephanie Eddy is a food blogger based in Calgary with a love for brunches, bread, and baking sugary goodness. Her blog has been featured in Savour Magazine’s Sites We Love and various posts have been featured across websites which include America’s Test Kitchen’s Feed, The Kitchn, and Food Bloggers of Canada.

Along with sharing recipes and photos on her blog, Stephanie is a baking columnist for the Globe and Mail. Her column Icing on the Cake features her easy yet tempting recipes that encourage Canadians to get baking.

You can find Stephanie at and @clock_worklemon on twitter
What To Do With 200 Pounds of

What To Do With 200 Pounds of Fruit

Earlier this month my boyfriend and I were visiting Kelowna for a friend's wedding. We had driven down in my little Kia hatchback instead of flying because I had a masterful plan of bringing home beautiful BC fruit to make into jam. The key word here is 'some'. Some canning. As it turns out, almost 200 pounds of fruit fits in there.
08/28/2013 12:27 EDT
My Love Affair With Rosemary Flickr: NicoleAbalde

My Love Affair With Rosemary Shortbread

My love affair with crispy, buttery, ridiculously-easy-to-make shortbread is fairly recent. It's probably only in the last year that I've discovered how fast these little cookies come together and how fun it is to play around with different flavours. After only 10 minutes of baking I had rosemary shortbread that I could snack on guilt-free (well... considering how many I've eaten I'm not sure that it counts as guilt-free any more).
10/12/2012 05:17 EDT