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Stephanie Gilman

Blogger, Cancer Warrior

Stephanie Gilman is a 28-year-old woman who lives in Toronto with her husband. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and has been candidly sharing her experience on her <a href="" rel="nofollow">blog</a>. Her favourite thing about having cancer is getting packages in the mail, and her least favourite thing is everything else. You can find her on twitter <a href="" rel="nofollow">@steph_rebecca</a>.
How Cancer Changed My Plans for

How Cancer Changed My Plans for Motherhood

Because my cancer was hormone-sensitive, I need to take a drug called Tamoxifen that is proven to reduce the risk of the cancer returning and possibly spreading to another part of my body. The newest recommendation is to stay on this drug for 10 years. Great news, right? A drug that could actually help keep me alive. I am lucky to have that option. Unfortunately, hormonal therapy for cancer comes with a whack of side effects. The biggest one for me is that I've been told not to get pregnant while taking it, due to its potential to cause birth defects.
05/29/2015 05:02 EDT
It's Not a Pink Ribbon That Reminds Me of Breast

It's Not a Pink Ribbon That Reminds Me of Breast Cancer

<img alt="2013-02-04-kickingcancersass.jpg" src="" height="60" width="300"> There hasn't been one day since then that I don't think about my breasts. The current ones, the old ones, the cancer. Breast breasts breasts. My whole life, centered around some hanging, bouncy body parts. Impossible to escape, especially now, during the month of October, BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.
10/21/2013 12:30 EDT
Everyone With Cancer Suffers From

Everyone With Cancer Suffers From Scanxiety

There is something cancer patients refer to as <em>scanxiety</em>, which, I'm sure you can guess, is having anxiety about upcoming scans and results. Over the past several weeks, I have been suffering from a major case of scanxiety. Thursday, at long last, the day arrived and I had my dreaded CT scan.
07/15/2013 12:56 EDT
Cancer and Thunder: Learning Life's Hard

Cancer and Thunder: Learning Life's Hard Lessons

<img alt="2013-02-04-kickingcancersass.jpg" src="" height="60" width="300"> Sometimes there are no magical answers. Sometimes it's just that life is unfair, and some of us get dealt a really shitty hand, while others may not. I wish there was a better explanation than that, a story you could tell your children when they ask why bad things happen to good people. I wish things could be different.
05/23/2013 05:35 EDT
Cancer Won't Ruin My

Cancer Won't Ruin My Summer

<img alt="2013-02-04-kickingcancersass.jpg" src="" height="60" width="300"> Saturday, I continued on my quest to be a normal young person in the city. After having a nice visit with some of my family, I took a lovely walk through my neighbourhood and around the park and surrounding area. My feet ached from wearing terrible sandals. A regular person kind of ache. Not a cancer ache.
05/06/2013 12:30 EDT
It's My Cancer And I'll Cry If I Want

It's My Cancer And I'll Cry If I Want To

<img alt="2013-02-04-kickingcancersass.jpg" src="" height="60" width="300"> As someone dealing with a pretty major crisis in her life, the pressure to remain positive at all times can be quite taxing. in those moments where it all comes rushing over me, I don't feel so chipper. And I don't think this makes me weak. I think it makes me human.
04/05/2013 12:09 EDT
Cancer Taught Me to Live in the

Cancer Taught Me to Live in the Moment

<img alt="2013-02-04-kickingcancersass.jpg" src="" width="300" height="60"> For as long as I can remember, I have been an obsessive planner. I love to make plans, to organize, to prepare. And I'm quite good at it, too. Long-term goals, schedules. These are things I like. A fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants girl, I am not. With my cancer diagnosis, a lot of things came crashing down around me.
02/22/2013 05:31 EST
The Time I Shaved my Head (and It Kinda

The Time I Shaved my Head (and It Kinda Sucked)

<img alt="2013-02-04-kickingcancersass.jpg" src="" width="300" height="60" /> I never in my life thought I would type the following sentence and have it be true: I shaved my head. We put on some upbeat music and made some jokes and laughed a bit. But then I lost control of my emotions and entered full mental case meltdown territory. <em>I don't look like me. My hair is all over the floor. I am 28 years old. I have cancer.</em>
02/04/2013 05:26 EST

"I Have Cancer. F**K."

A few months back, I found a lump in my breast. Where the hell did it come from? My husband and I made our way to my doctor's office. She chit-chatted a bit, and then got down to business. "Unfortunately, I don't have good news today. The biopsy showed that you have cancer." What. The. Hell. And that was the beginning.
01/30/2013 09:58 EST