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Stephanie Sannuto


Coming Out To My First-Generation

Coming Out To My First-Generation Parents

Coming out to your parents as LGBTQ is a deeply personal experience. And when you're the child of an immigrant, there can be layers of cultural complexity that families have to navigate. Some first-generation parents are accepting, while others don't understand and make it difficult for their queer children to just be themselves. As part of our Born And Raised series, these second-generation Canadians share what it was like for them to come out to their loved ones. Watch the video to learn about their experiences, and how it's changed their relationships with their families.
06/25/2017 08:30 EDT
Made in Canada: The Paint

Made in Canada: The Paint Roller

The paint roller isn’t as tasty as a Caesar or as flashy as an IMAX, but it’s a household item that’s undoubtedly Canadian.
06/15/2017 11:45 EDT