Stephanie Tenenbaum

Lacrosse Player and Resource Development Consultant

Stephanie Tenenbaum moved to Israel from New Jersey in 2007 after graduating from New York University. After two years as a combat hummer instructor in the army, she now works as a resource development consultant for non-profit organizations. In addition to playing for the Israel team, she has served as the Interim Director of Israel Lacrosse’s women’s program since 2010.
Why We're Forfeiting Our World Cup Playoff

Why We're Forfeiting Our World Cup Playoff Game

Our team learned during training camp that even though some of us may have not have grown up in Israel, Israel is our home. In this same spirit, the entire team supports our decision to not play our scheduled playoff match in Oshawa this Saturday, on Shabbat, in recognition of Israeli culture and the uniqueness of the day. We will leave proud to have represented our values, our people, and our homeland.
07/18/2013 05:33 EDT