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Stephen Perrin

Executive Chef at Substance Food Group and BBQ Master

Fine dining chef and BBQ Master Stephen Perrin is well known in the North American competitive BBQ circuit having won first place at international events such as the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue, Memphis in May World Championship, Salisbury Pork in the Park BBQ Festival and more. Stephen is also the Owner and Executive Chef of The Gratitude Hospitality Group which owns and operates four highly successful restaurants in Ontario — Terra and Sarpa, both in Richmond Hill, Rusty’s in Collingwood and the recently opened Francobollo Posto Italiano in Toronto.
The Secret To A Perfect Holiday badmanproduction via Getty Images

The Secret To A Perfect Holiday Meal

This season is all about family traditions. I have a few of my own, both at home and at my restaurants:Terra and Sarpa in Richmond Hill, Francobollo in Toronto, and Rusty's in Collingwood. I'm usually working until Christmas Eve, so I make my turkey days in advance. My secret?
12/11/2015 04:16 EST
How We Won The World Pasta

How We Won The World Pasta Championships

I feel like the Rocky Balboa of food sport. At the World Pasta Championships in Kissimmee, Florida, I played the role of Canadian upstart chef against repeat Arizona champ, Suzanne Clark. While my bac...
11/11/2015 01:44 EST
From Farm To Table, To Your Gratified Jeremy Woodhouse via Getty Images

From Farm To Table, To Your Gratified Body

With farm-to-table goods, I find the taste is cleaner, richer and I always feel more energized. That's partly because I don't need to eat as much to feel full. I'm getting more for every mouthful. That's because our bodies crave nutrition from what they're taking in. If our food is low in nutrients, it can often leave us feeling hungry for more. Like something vital is missing.
10/29/2015 04:39 EDT
From Farm to Table, to Your Gratified Taste Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

From Farm to Table, to Your Gratified Taste Buds

I believe in real food. I take no greater pleasure than putting something on the dinner table that was basically in the ground this morning. You truly can taste the difference. Sure, I know how to cook -- but my real secret is found in the products I'm using. I'm talking about local ingredients -- from my produce to my meats.
08/18/2015 05:28 EDT
Why Everything You Know about Barbecuing Is

Why Everything You Know about Barbecuing Is Wrong

Being heavily involved in the world of barbecue I have discovered that many well-known barbecue tips are in fact untrue. Having been around the barbecue block, let me share my best advice with those of you that will be lighting up your barbecues this coming Canada Day:
06/28/2015 09:38 EDT