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Stephen Punwasi

Data Nerd, public policy advocate, and CEO at Better Dwelling

Stephen Punwasi is a data analyst and tech entrepreneur. He recently co-founded Better Dwelling, Canada's largest independent housing blog, where he helps journalists turn large data sets into stories.

He encourages journalists that need help interpreting their data and visualizing them to contact him.
How Real Estate Developers Are 'Crafting The denphumi via Getty Images

How Real Estate Developers Are 'Crafting The Narrative'

Special interest groups have always staged PR events to try and gain coverage, but the real estate industry has decided to take a more "proactive" approach. Some members of the industry are turning regular journalism into "commerce journalism," by manipulating coverage in their favour, sometimes engaging in unethical practices.
12/21/2016 02:14 EST
The True Cost Of Having A Royal Chris Wattie / Reuters

The True Cost Of Having A Royal Family

The cost of hosting Will and Kate is three times the amount given to study foreign ownership by the federal government. Or 75 per cent of the projected revenue to come in from the Vancouver Vacant Home tax. Not exactly chump change to fly them around for a vacation.
09/26/2016 09:34 EDT