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Stephen Rosenfield

Family Mediator

Stephen Rosenfield is a Toronto Family Mediator and Founder of Come To Agreement, Canada’s online resource for Separation & Divorce.
Addressing Family Issues in a Fast-Paced

Addressing Family Issues in a Fast-Paced World

If we want families to get the help and support they need, we need to make it faster and easier for them to find that help. While we can't speed up the time it takes to properly address the issues facing a family, we can speed up the process of finding out how to begin with new models. That's where technology comes in.
10/19/2012 08:02 EDT
Planning For Our Parents Getting

Planning For Our Parents Getting Older

If you're in your 40s or 50s you may be starting to deal with the reality that your parents, as you've always seen them, are changing. Beginning to take on the role of care giver for your parents is another struggle, but how best to ensure mom and dad's well-being, finances, and expressed wishes are looked after is something you can plan for. This begins, ideally, by making decisions before the fact and there are four basic components you want to determine.
09/16/2012 12:12 EDT
The Real Cost of Life After

The Real Cost of Life After Divorce

There are many articles and much research about the costs of divorce, but it is both the costs of life after divorce and the impact on lifestyle that couples should be considering more closely before making a decision to split -- especially if working it out is at all an option.
08/07/2012 05:42 EDT